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Геройский Уголок / Heroes III / Maps / Singleplayer

Карта: Devilish Pride
Автор: Jason Russell
Размер: XL
Подземелье: есть
Версия Heroes III: RoE (Возрождение Эрафии)
Уровень сложности карты: 5 (невозможный) 
Количество противников: 3
Условие победы: принести артефакт "Часы недоброго часа" (Hourglass of the Evil Hour) в замок Hell.
Условие поражения: потерять героя по имени Xyron

Авторское прохождение

This map is set at Impossible, but it IS Possible. 

Episode VII: Xyron's Rise
Main Enemy: Red (Goes approx. from Month 1 to 3)
Octavia has 7 days to find Xyron's Lab.
Follow Xyron's advice and head East to the Island where the Demons are. Find everything on this island. Especially those Boots of Levitation! Move fast, don't waste time getting all the Chests! Sail to the far west. Discover Xyron's lab from the obelisk. Use Force field to protect your Gogs. 
It IS possible to find Xyron's lab, dig for the grail and put the grail in the Inferno Town by day 7 (did someone say imps?)
The Cyclops King has alot of junk in his backpack. Check it out! Think, what should he hold and what should he save for later....
Don't forget to check for buried things in holes! (Nice Ogre's Club!)
The Cyclops King when wearing the appropriate artifacts for battle should easily outlast the Halbediers, but do NOT fight those Angels. Get on a boat and pick up those free Ogres. (Use visions if you want)
Astral the Wizard Blocks any further exploration for the Cyclops King. He must DIE!!! He will attack you because he is thinking he is tougher than you. (He does have Zounds of Master Gremlins) So make sure you are ready for him at the end of your turn before he attacks you.
Astral won't move much, he has a scouting radius. So The Cyclops King can land safely by the Green Tent and pick up some FREE Cyclops (visions would tell you)
The Cyclops Spell Power is 1! So he better wear that Cloak to increase the duration of his spells. And the Charm of Mana too! He needs it! Spells? The Cyclops King did find that shrine with the Forgetfulness spell right? Even with all this, The Cyclops King still CAN'T beat Astral. There is one thing missing....
What is Astral's specialty? What should the Cyclops King wear BEFORE fighting Astral? Once Astral is Dead, Visit the Seer. She wants the Orb of Inhibition.
Have Octavia use her boots to hop from Island to Island. Build her Diplomacy up. Many creatures will join her. Sacrifice some imps to become Demons during battles.
Get another Hero and have it learn Navigation from the scholar.
Red Necromancers will be seen by the End of week 2. The are aggresive and use boats well. Learn spells from the Necromancers using Eagle Eye and the stoic watchman.
Ore is precious. Forts need to be made. Find the Inferno Town called Gogs 'n Dogs.
Gem Ponds are only accessable by Boat. So Octavia needs to go sailing too. Beware the danger of whirlpools.
Red gets powerful quickly. They have a white tent as well, when they get it, all Bad Necromancers will get at you. Wipe them out... all of them. Did you find the Town Portal Scroll on the Island to the very East?
There is nothing in the underground lake except a marooned boat that Octavia can't get past.
Once Red is dead, Go after Xyron and check out the LEGIONS of Giants guarding the Prison mines. (You need the Light Blue Tent there) Octavia can not rescue Xyron through this route.
During all this, The Cyclops King need to recruit some men and build up his own force.
Clear the southern island. A couple week worth of recruiting will give the King enough Power to take on the Town there.
The Town of Longhall can only be reached through the underground passages. Take this town and all the artifacts around it. Return the Seer's Artifact! And get the spell, `Scuttle Boatґ Scuttle that boat that blocks Octavia's passage.
Have Octavia and The Cyclops King meet. Trade Artifacts. Octavia needs the spell scrolls. (2 Town Portal and One Magic Mirror)
Send Octavia down the River where the Warlocks are attempting to rescue Gunnar and Dace from the prison Mines as well.
Kill Malekith who guards the way. Be careful, his Implosion will take out your stacks. To avoid any losses, use the Garrison and leave everything there except one stack. Use Magic Mirror on that one stack. There is a 40% chance that Malekith will implode his own Troops! Or just kill him outright.
Free Xyron!!!!! Town Portal back home!!!!!
Send Octavia through the One Way Portal. This is a MUST!!!!!! She has the boots to do it. Do NOT send anybody else.
Octavia will visit the Hut of the Magi revealing the Magical Isle. Then she will die at the hands of Verdish, the Hydra Queen. Verdish will take her boots and use them to escape the island herself. (Verdish will get the Dark Blue Tent and unleash the Purple Enemy!!!!!!!)
Have the Cyclops King (or whoever) get the Dark Blue Tent as well. It is guarded by Monks near the beginning of the Cyclops King's adventure.
Have Xyron return the Sphere of Permanance to the Seer by his Lab. He will get Water Boots as well!
Xyron can walk to the Magical Isle and continue his Master Plan! 

Episode V: Retaking Hell
Main Enemy: Purple (Months 3 to 4)
Purple will come. They have been growing for a while now.
Watch out for Verdish the Hydra Queen. 1000+ Hydras. Watch out for Caitlin, she may find the garrison with the 2000+ Giants!!
There will be tough battles, Your Necro Towns will be Vulnerable.
Warlocks will also come from below!!! Even The Cyclops King isn't safe!
Xyron will need to beef up his Army. The Desert region in the middle is full of creatures that will join you and then you can fight some others sacrificing the new converts as Demons! Fulfill the seer's quest there for more Demons!
Your goal is to find the way to the Inferno Town called Hell and capture it.
If you are familiar with Titanic and Angelic Prides, you know that Hell is located through a One Way Portal in the land of the Heretics.
The way to this land is through a portal found on Redwash Island in the NorthEast.
The Red Tent is there as well.
Dimension Door, Fly, and Implosion can be learned in the Land of the Heretics.
Watch Out for Calid, she knows these spells too.
Take Hell and get the free Devils!!

Episode VI: The Hourglass of the Evil Hour
Main Enemy: Pink (Months 4 to 6)
Queen Esta has the Hourglass. She may have traded it off to someone so fight everybody using the Shackles so they do not run away.
Use all your spells and fighting skills to beat these Pink players up. They know Town Portal.
The Legion Bug might occur so use the Sacrifice Spell found in the Desert regions.
If you Rescue Theodorus, he will have lots of Titans to help you in the battle.
Win the Game by returning the Hourglass to Hell. You do not need to kill everybody. But it is fun to try.

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