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Геройский Уголок / Heroes III / Maps / Singleplayer

Карта: Titanic Pride
Автор: Jason Russell
Размер: XL
Подземелье: есть
Версия Heroes III: RoE (Возрождение Эрафии)
Уровень сложности карты: 5 (невозможный) 
Количество противников: 3
Условие победы: победить героя по имени Graven
Условие поражения: потерять героя по имени Theodorus

Авторское прохождение

This map is set at Impossible, but it IS Possible.
There are enough resources around to build a good, strong Castle.

Episode I: Separations
Main Enemy: Red (Goes approx. from Month 1 to 3)
Do NOT attempt to Kill King Graven Right away and try to win the game!
Your goal is to defeat King Graven but not now! He is too strong for Theodorus.
Do NOT visit the Swan Pond. King Graven will Kill you. The Swan Pond is used to slow the King down so Theodorus has a chance to get away.
Theodorus MUST get the Neckalace of Ocean Guidance and the Sea Captains Hat in order to escape the King. Make sure he is WEARING these artifacts! If you choose Random Artfact in the beginning, Theodorus might already be wearing a hat or necklace at the beginning!
Gunnar can build a Castle, Portal of Summoning, Harpy Loft by day 7
Troglodites are not affected by the Medusa stare!
Get the Arms of Legion for +9 Minotaurs per week!
Red will appear in the Southern Cavern by week 3.
Dace can easily kill the surrounding beasts. Remember, Wraiths will drain All of Dace's spell points.
Dace needs those Gold Mines.
Follow the instructions given to Dace by the Diamond and Gold Golems. Fulfill their quest!
In order for Theodorus to escape the King, He can not pick up any loose wood. That would slow him down. Leave the wood, King Graven will waste HIS time to get it!
After Theodorus lands, he will be too weak to fight the Dragons, or the elves in the garrison. There is another way for him to escape!
The Sea Captains Hat gives Theodorus the ability to Cast "Summon Boat". Use it on the other side of the cape.
Have Theodorus visit the Seer, he is safe there from the King. Notice what the King picks up along the way! (anti Blind artifact, Orb of Silt, Tome of Earth Magic)
Theodorus will end up in the swamp. 
Theodorus CAN kill the 3 Chaos Hydra guarding the Fortress!
Remember, Chaos Hydra love to chew on catapults. Use Shield and have it work on it while his Titan moves far enough away to hit it with hs lightning.
The Witch Styg is too Powerful to kill by Theodorus alone. She has 99 Spell Power with Ice Bolt and Ice Ring!
Dace must collect the Resistant Clothes along his journeys. He needs 200-300 Golems in order to kill the 401 Iron Golems protecting the Black tent.
Before going through the black Border Guard in the underground Dace needs about 100 or so Golems in order to kill all Pit Lords down there.
Dace MUST free Xyron and Flee from him. He can not fight him!
Quickly, Dace and Theodorus must meet! Around M2 W2 maybe.
Red will find its own Red Tent by M2 W2, Beware! The Red Guards not only protect Gunnar from the Barbarians but also prevent Red from joining forces!

Episode II: The Sulfur
Main Enemy: Blue (Months 3 to 4)
Once Dace has the Blue Tent, Xyron will get it, Then Blue will swarm the swamp!
Quickly, Dace can give Theodorus the Resistant clothing and Kill Styg for her Seer Artifact. Theodorus can be up to 45% resistant! Dace can teach Theodorus Protection from Water and give Theodorus his Resistant Golems!
Choice: Use the little Sulfur to give Theodorus The Chaos Hydra (Before the town is Lost) OR use it to buy Red Dragons for Gunnar. (I'd take the Hydra before Blue does)
Send Theodorus back to return the Seer Artifact. Dimension Door! Now he can visit the Scholar there! Town Portal! 
On Magic Plains, Theodorus can use those spells at Expert Ability. Theodorus MUST visit the Brown Tent before Town Portalling to where Gunnar is.
Gunnar can get Town Portal too! In the Northern cavern where the Seer's Hut is.
Dace is at a point where he has quick access to the Sulfur Stockpiles (via the underground) It'll be tricky, but if he can quickly grab them before getting caught by Blue there is about 60-70 sulfur per stockpile!
60-70 Sulfur! Did someone say Black Dragons!!!!! They have been growing since the beginning of the game in the Dungeons!
Eliminate Red. Blue will come at Gunnar first through the Snowy Alchemist Land. Soon, Blue will find the White and Red Tents, then they will Join forces and come after Gunnar from ALL directions.
You do NOT need to kill Blue Heroes to win the game, but it will be a challenge.
Theodorus is the only one with Dimension Door to Visit the Wizard Tower called Spire Height. Titans are there!!!
Send Theodorus through the one way Portal to get the Light Blue Tent. Once there, Theodorus can sleep for the rest of the game.
Gunnar can now go after King Graven!!!

Episode III: Fall of Angels. Rise of Titans
Main Enemy: Pink (Months 4 to 6)
With Town Portal, Gunnar can get Theodorus' artifacts and Titans.
Give Dace the Sea Captains Hat, he is the Expert on the water.
Dace can get the Hourglass of the Evil Hour for the Seer to get the Wizards Hat!
There are two ways to get into Alandria (Pink Territory) Use either. Or surround them!
King Graven is in Alandria. He should have by M6, 100 angels and 150 Green Dragons. Or more depending on when you enter Alandria.
King Graven knows Dimension Door, Town Portal, Implosion and Resurrection.
Kill him to win the game.
To save time on computer turns, King Graven is the ONLY Pink Hero. 
There is a HOMMIII bug that gives the Computer legions of Creatures for no apparent reason. IF this happens, (it only happened once to me), there is a cave where you get 10 free Black Dragons everytime you land on it. BE WARNED do not use it UNLESS King Graven has more than 400 Angels, OR THE ENDING IS RUINED!!!!!

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